Buy or Sell Properties With Lisa &Straton in Austin, Texas

Cyrus Properties by Lisa Cyrus and Stratton Cyrus is an independent firm that is not linked to any multinational brokerage firm. We respect your privacy and believe in hosting personal meetings where we meet you and discuss your requirements.

Lisa Cyrus

Lisa Cyrus was born and raised in Georgia. She moved to Austin in 1977 to begin an entrepreneurial career in the specialty food industry. After 20 successful years of working, she decided to sell her business, including the ranch. A group of investors purchased everything in 1997. She was looking for a diversion in her career, and real estate happened to be the right choice.

Lisa believes that attentive and personable customer service is what it takes to help you find real properties. Her work is driven by her core values, and she has assisted several clients in actualizing their real estate dreams.

Stratton Cyrus

Stratton Cyrus was born and raised in Texas. He has lived in Austin in the early 70s and came back again in 1984. His education and career revolved around consumer products and marketing, which helped him settle in real estate. He has managed and created various businesses over the last 40 years.

A great communicator himself, Straton understands what the customers are looking for. His tremendous experience in the field and communication skills are his core strengths.